Availability Of Condos At Piermont Grand EC

Availability Of Condos At Piermont Grand EC

For those who don’t know, Piermont Grand EC is still in construction. We simply want to reveal when the first apartments will be completed and therefore available for purchase. There are several options and you should read all of them just to get a detailed idea about this place and potentially your new home.

Showflat: It will be available in late 2019

The first thing you will want to see is the Piermont Grand EC showflat. This will be an example of what you can expect and what you can look for in your new home. The first apartments of this kind will be available in late 2019. The exact time is still unknown but we believe it will be November or December.

In order to schedule the showflat viewing, you need to fill an online form and submit it. Keep in mind that this form is only for the showflat and doesn’t have anything to do with the actual apartments for purchase. The actual form for purchasing an apartment can’t compete online. You will need to do so while viewing the showflat.

First apartments for purchase: the Year 2020

The apartments will become available for you to purchase them in 2020. Here we can see several options. The apartments will be roughly presented at the beginning of the year and then the construction will continue. You will be able to purchase an apartment in the beginning of 2020 and through the year. It is expected that all condos will be sold out within months of completion, so be careful and try to be among the first who will see the showflat and also submit the form for purchasing a new condo.

At this moment we can’t tell you which apartments will be ready first. Although, unofficially we discover that Piermont Grand EC will offer all condos, with different sizes at the same time. This is an advantage and it allows you to pick a condo you want and you actually need.

All apartments will be done by 2021

By 2021 all apartments will be available and ready for you to move in. This is the deadline contractors have at the moment and if we know them and we do, they will succeed it without any issues. Of course, by the time they complete the construction, all the apartments will be sold out so make sure to get your opportunity.

It is possible that the additional constructions around the condominium still last after 2021. The last year by when all the tasks must be completed in 2022. This refers to the surrounding areas, parks and etc.

The final word

Piermont Grand EC will start offering apartments in late 2019. The first ones will be available to purchase by 2020 and the last ones will be available in 2021. This is the year by when most of the plans will be completed and many people will actually live in their new homes. You will be one of them.

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