Best Human Figurines For Artists

Best Human Figurines For Artists

A figure of a human is important in art, be it just a silhouette or a very detailed one. Not all artists could draw or sketch everything out of imagination. A little help would be needed at some point. You would have come across many paintings, books especially children’s books which depict human figures very beautifully. Have you ever wondered how they mimic even the fine distinctive details? Artists usually use a little help out here. The human figurines come as a savior in these cases.

Importance of figurines

Many illustrators usually indicate a human figure with a stroke of brush but traditionally many detailing is done. The detailing would require a model to pose. The figurines will eliminate the need for hiring a real model. These mannequins are miniatures of humans with mobile joints in hand, leg, hip and so on just like a live human. They can be adjusted to various poses which help artists and illustrators to recreate even minute details of various postures with great accuracy.


There is a variety of mannequins available in the market, of which the body kun dolls have gained more popularity recently.

Some of their prominent features are

  • They have the body of an adult male of moderate a muscular built.
  • There are no facial features though. But this is on the advantageous side as an artist would need a blank one to which they would be able to add their imagination.
  • They have a plain unpainted body without any covering of accessories which facilitates the view of how the joint moves for different poses.
  • They can be changed to any pose except a full squat, which makes them the best option for human figure paintings
  • They have ball joints in the head, leg, hand, and many places. So, it makes them very flexible.


They come with a lot of accessories. There are accessories like handgun and swords which could be swapped between each other. These weapons also come with great details. Not only weapons, but they also have accessories for common relaxed features like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

They are provided with a stand to hold the figurines in position for some specific poses. As the stand is transparent, they don’t hinder the actual requirement of the doll.

Advantages of having figurines:

  • This is a generic model, so it can be used for any type of art.
  • A figurine would pose longer without even a minute change in position in contrast to a live model.
  • It is very cost-effective as a single piece would give you lots of poses that can be changed on your fingertips.
  • Though they are commonly made of toy plastic, they are flexible and don’t break.
  • These are extremely articulated and mimic human gestures almost very close to perfection.

As a whole, if you are into drawing or illustration, these will be of huge help to you in drawing complex poses more perfectly than out of imagination

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