Get Pallet Racking System To Make Your Task Easier And Increase Productivity 

Get Pallet Racking System To Make Your Task Easier And Increase Productivity 

A sound and functional racking system makes your work easier and maximizes the space area of your product storage. If you are having limited space in your warehouse, you can go for industrial pallet racks. These industrial racks can be modified according to your needs. If your warehouse has more height then you can go for multiple assemblies of these racks in vertical sections. If your warehouse is lacking height you can go for the horizontal assembly. These industrial racks are of two types, structural pallet and roll formed pallet racking. Both are durable and ideal for warehouse usage.

Rolled pallet racking and structural pallet racking 

  • The rolled pallet racking system is made of red hot steel. This temperature is where the steel gets crystallizes and then the shape of this racking system is given. After the shape is obtained, it is cooled down at the room temperature so the material does not contain any stressed components within and is strong and durable. This formation of racking is much easier as compared to the structural pallet system.
  • The structural pallet is made from the steel present at room temperature. Molding and giving a proper shape to this pallet is quite hard than shaping the red hot steel. This doesn’t mean that this is not having a proper structure. The structural pallet is more defined and durable as compared to the rolled pallet system. The steel is processed while it is cold thus it does not shrink after the complete formation.

Weight capacity comparison 

Structural pallet racking is more durable and strong as compared to the rolled pallet system. These can bear heavy loads and handle all the impacts easily. This racking system is ideal for people who deal with heavy loads and large warehouses from all prospective whereas the rolled pallet system is ideal for the light to medium weight cartons. People who are dealing with a busy warehouse and lighter weights should go for this racking system. This is more affordable as compared to the structural pallet and easy to install.

Assemble comparison 

This is where you are benefited with the roll pallets the most. These are easy to assemble as they are lighter in weight and thus need much manual power. If you are a small businessman then investing in the roll pallets will be very beneficial for you as they are more affordable and do not compromise the quality. Whereas structural pallets are thicker and heavy thus they need more people and screws to assemble. Their structural compartments are more towards the expensive side.

Handling impact 

Since rolled pallet is made of red hot steel thus the steel used in this process is lightweight and thin. This is done to make the steel heat quickly and the process could be done faster. These pallets are strong for the warehouse purpose and can support multiple racking together. Whereas structural pallets are made from thick steel, thus they are more capable of handling the strong impact as compared to the roll pallets.

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