Some Ways To Recover Your Lost Phone

Some Ways To Recover Your Lost Phone

Smartphones have become the lifeline of the current generation as they rely on it for news, studies, entertainment and a lot of other stuff. Losing a smartphone has also become pretty common nowadays as smartphone theft is on the rise. There are a lot of ways to recover a lost smartphone without the need to visit a police station as websites like provide free mobile number tracking, which can be used to locate a lost smartphone. If you don’t want to give your mobile number to third party websites then there are some other methods below.

Google Find my device

To begin with, you should always keep it on from the settings option and setup backup accounts and other details to it. Now, when your device gets lost, you need to visit Google to find my device on your computer. Once you open the website, log in with the account that is logged in to the lost device and click on find my device option. Now you will have the last known location of your device on a map along with options to give a ring and even lock your device down. When you click on the ring button, Google will ring your device and if it’s nearby, you will be able to find it. In case, you lock it down, anyone who finds it will not be able to access your phone and a message with your contact details will be there on the screen. If your device had important data that you don’t want anyone to access, you can click on erase my data button present on the dashboard. This will remove your accounts, data, browsing history, images and saved passwords.

Google images

Suppose you are out, wandering around the city with your friends, clicking photos and enjoying with friends. But amidst all this fun, if your phone gets lost then you can easily find it by accessing Google photos. If you have an android smartphone and you have synced all the image folders with your account, you can easily get an idea of the approximate location of your phone. All the photos stored in Google photos have location tagged with them. You can log into your Google account and then browse to the image section. Then choose the last image you have clicked and look into the details. It is not exactly accurate, but it can give you a rough idea as to where you last used your phone and narrow down your search to a small area.

What to do if you lost your smartphone?

If you have lost your smartphone and couldn’t find it anyhow, please follow the guide below.

  • Get your number blocked

The first step is to block your mobile number by contacting your operator as someone else might get access to it. Also, notify all your important contacts about this.

  • Lodge an FIR

The next step is to lodge an FIR in your nearest police station. Don’t forget to keep a copy of the FIR safely.

  • Change passwords

Change all the account’s passwords that were logged into the phone. Also, disconnect from any online banking services.

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