Why Should You Avail WiFi Extenders?

Why Should You Avail WiFi Extenders?

In the modern world, everyone is moving at a fast pace and having a fast internet connection is a necessity. People often avail WiFi connections for their homes and offices as everyone wants a stable as well as a fast internet connection. WiFi is a wireless network technology that catches signal from an external unit and spreads it in the home. There are certain limitations related to range and speed based on your connection and router strength which can be easily solved by using external hardware that can boost the signals. People generally avail wireless range extender to get better signal strength even in isolated rooms where the signal wouldn’t reach otherwise. There are countless other ways to enhance your WiFi signal strength. Some of them are as follows.

Get a WiFi range extender – WiFi extenders are an external hardware that can enhance the range of your WiFi router significantly. These are often availed in office spaces to allow internet access at a similar speed, all around the area. They are easy to install and are usually cheap to buy. To install it, all you need to do is to plug it in a power output plug and then use your computer to connect it with your wifi and you are good to go. Just like a router, the key to getting max performance out of it is to first identify your wifi’s dead zone and place the extender at the point which is exactly in between the dead zone and your router. The technology behind the extenders is that they consider your existing router as a signal source. They catch signals from your router and then rebroadcast it further. They are extremely effective at what they do.

Get WiFi boosters – Just like an extender, there is also external hardware that is connected to your Wifi router. They are great for gaming and streaming purposes, in areas where appliances or some other factors like thick walls, electrical interference, etc. can mess up your signal. They can be connected to your WiFi network with a simple push of a button. They usually have a dedicated button that can connect it to your router, without the need to enter a password for it. They are small units that enhance the speed along with the range of the signal. They usually come in 2 variants, wired and unwired, the wired version is considered more efficient and better at performance.

High gain antennas – WiFi routers generally come with a single or in some cases even double antennas. These antennas are responsible for sending out signals around your house evenly. But the downside is most of the antennas on routers aren’t good enough to do their jobs properly as their signal gain capacity is low. To solve this, you can check the number of ports available on your routers and can get better antennas for it. Generally, a budget router will have 2 antenna ports and you will have 1 antenna pre-installed. All you have to do is to find a better and higher capacity antenna that is compatible with your router and plug it in. You will notice the signal strength getting better after it.

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