Different Types Of Watches That You Should Know

Different Types Of Watches That You Should Know

Watches are an inseparable part of a men’s wardrobe. They provide you with a classy look and can make you look a bit mature. Watches can serve a plethora of purposes and there are different types available for your different requirements. It is better to read watch reviews before you buy a watch and for genuine reviews, you can check this website. In older times, watches were simply made out of the metal casing and were a fragile accessory. This has changed now and you can find different watches that can be rugged, water-resistant and with several other features.

The following are the most common types of watches that can be generally found in the market. Have a proper look so that you can understand which one to go for.

  • Dress watch

These are plain and elegant watches made from high-quality leather and a simple white background. A dress watch is listed as a formal watch due to its elegance and simplicity. These watches do not have complications and are generally simple timepieces. They are perfect for corporate meetings and family functions that require a formal dress up.

  • Divers watch

As the name suggests, diver watches are used by swimmers and deepwater divers as they are waterproof. The watches are popular among sailors, working professionals, etc. These watches are waterproof for up to 100 meters of depth. They are also called workers watch as people generally wear these at work. It is better to not wear these watches at parties and meetings as it will be just like wearing sport shoes to a formal occasion.

  • Sports watch

These can be categorized as casual watches as they mostly use a display instead of analog-style hands for telling the time. Sports watches are made from synthetic material like high-quality plastic, rubber, carbon fiber, etc. The watches are waterproof and can have an LCD or LED display. You can expect these watches to have features like a compass, odometer, altimeter, stopwatch, world clock, GPS, heart rate monitors, etc. They are most suitable for casual parties and will go with any casual dress.

  • Pilots watch

These watches are some of the most amazingly designed watches. As the name suggests, these watches are worn by pilots and they have bigger crowns for time setting that can be operated while wearing gloves. They mostly have small dials that are up to 50mm. and traditionally, these watches can be worn over casual dresses and business formals.

  • Smartwatch

These are probably the most popular accessories currently. This watch will allow you to connect your smartphone with it and receive notifications, track your steps, monitor your heart rate and keep track of calories burnt. They are made from a variety of materials which will vary according to the brand. They can be designed like wrist bands and even traditional watches as well. These are generally used in the sports field but if the design is right they can also be used with formals and casual dresses.


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